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Margarita PerepelitsaDear friends!

Have you ever thought about new professional horizons, personal development and your individual priorities?

It is extremely hard to develop plan in the world full of environmental disasters, economic risks and uncertainties. Some of us try to survive and keep status quo. But there are people who wish to move forward. They accept challenges and accumulate personal resources, intelligence and leadership qualities. Professor Alexander Ageev, Director of Economic Strategies University, Kingston MBA Alumni has said: “The key issue we need to stress on is to develop ideals and inspired view to discover perspectives in fast changing environment and unstable world”.

We teach students optimistic view on world’s changing strategy. If you want to become anxious for knowledge, development and success, you should join us! You will learn to think “out of the box” surrounded by associates, colleagues, successful business leaders and international team of academics. You will get an opportunity to explore, develop and extend individual abilities and talents to improve your live. This way is going to be hard but people always value challenging experience!

Dr. Margarita Perepelitsa,
Faculty of International Programmes RANEPA

chumak.pngDear friends!

Welcome to the MBA program! You have made one of the most important investment decisions of your life – to attain a completely new professional level in your career. This program represents a systematic approach to acquisition of latest concepts and applied knowledge that will allow you to solve complex business problems by building winning teams and by leading them to success.

Over the past 15 years, there have been significant changes in the Russian and global business environment. We are faced with a whole range of new opportunities and challenges: technological, economic, social and political. These challenges raise a bar for professional qualifications for both, corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

Today, corporations need leaders of a new formation. Leaders, who are able to drive growth in slow-growing markets, carry out digital transformation and bring companies to global markets. Leaders who successfully manage cross-functional teams represented by generations X, Y and Z in dispersed geographical locations.

Entrepreneurs need to be equipped with practical knowledge and tools in order to select, launch and scale promising ideas while managing risks at each stage. "Easy money" available to us at the beginning of 2000s have been replaced with hard-to-get "smart money" calling for a unique and tangible value proposition and business innovation.

Whatever personal goals, whether become a corporate executive or build your business, your success will be determined by your ability to make a tangible contribution to value creation for your customers, investors and society.

Keeping an eye on the changing present and uncertain future, we have designed programs that do not only meet the highest international standards, but also allow you to apply newly acquired knowledge to a variety of change contexts today while getting a competitive edge tomorrow.

This program has a high return on investment as it accelerates your personal development, enhances your personal brand and expands your professional network and partnerships. By interacting with our professors, consultants, businessmen and members of your own group, you will tap into their vast international experience, ideas and intellectual capital.

Prof. Sergey Chumak,
Faculty Director