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Advanced Management

Advanced Management

ADVANCED MANAGEMENT is a programme for top managers, entrepreneurs and business owners having substantial job experience and searching for continuous knowledge and skills update and upgrade. ADVANCED MANAGEMENT programme is delivered by RANEPA’s School of International Business Studies in collaboration with international partners.

The concept of the programme is built around the following principles:

  • Relevance: the most recent knowledge, skills and technologies
  • Flexibility: «open contour» of the programme, possibility to select individual study package for a participant
  • Novelty: annual update of the programme content, possibility of continuous learning
  • Practical Value: education in the format of «workshops», maximum orientation to results
  • International Outreach: professors and practitioners from different countries of the world/international study trips


Module 1. Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption

How digital can disrupt your industry by shifting the sources of value, the location of profit, patterns of demand and competitive pressures.

Module 2. Authentic Leader Development

The secrets of confidence and courage all leaders should know.

Module 3. Winning Operations Strategy

The Dynamic Capabilities are"the firm's ability to integrate, build, and reconfigure internal and external competences to address rapidly changing environments.

Module 4. Digital Economy

4th Industrial Revolution and the global trends. How do technologies disrupt traditional business models? Real cases of companies that survived digital transformation.

Module 5. International study to Germany. Industry 4.0

Germany is a recognised leader of the 4th industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud technologies and cognitive computing.

Module 6. Behavioural Economics

Building from the premise that consumers operate and move within spheres of a ‘bounded rationality’ this workshop explores how behavioural economics can be utilised within the. design of marketing campaigns.

Module 7. Innovator’s DNA

The course explores role modelling innovation and/or driving a culture shift, discusses risk tolerance, emphasizes simplicity, and provides on-the-spot techniques for activating and releasing potential.

Module 8. Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a creative process that combines thoughtful user research with rapid iteration. By applying a design-centered approach you’ll be able to conceive of radically innovative solutions and create products that people love both emotionally and intellectually.

Module 9. Working Across Borders and Cultures

The modern interpretation of the national culture and how it impacts the management process. Cultural sensitivity and mental agility necessary for successful managers in European and international context.

Modules 10. International study trip to Japan

Kaizen: Continuous Improvement The oriental wisdom and proven by success of Toyota, SONY, Panasonic and many other Japanese companies process-oriented management practices based on kaizen (continuous improvement) that ultimately leads to improved performance.

Programme structure

The programme consists of independent modules so that a candidate can apply for all the programme or choose an individual study track by selecting specific modules of interest.

Language of tuition

The workshops are run in English unless a different language is indicated in the workshop description. Simultaneous translation into Russian is possible as an extra option.

Completion certificate

RANEPA’s and a partner’s certificates are granted for each course attended; besides, depending upon the package selected by the participant, RANEPA Post Degree Diploma (from 250 ac. hours ) can be granted.

Programme fee

The fee depends upon the package (number of selected courses and workshops). The best offer is for the complete set of 10 modules of ADVANCED MANAGEMENT programme with RANEPA’s Post Degree Diploma being granted.

Admission Criteria

  • Higher education
  • Managerial experience 7+ years
  • Interview with Programme Director

Key details

Study period: 18 months

Next start: September 28, 2018

Fee: 1 170 000 ₽

Language of tuition: English, Russian

Diploma of Russian Presidential Academy, certificate of Kingston University London

Association of MBAs

The Association of MBAs, AMBA, is the international impartial authority on MBA education and was established in 1967. The organisation serves a community of MBA students and graduate alumni, business schools for accreditation, corporate partners and MBA seekers.


MBA degree from Kingston University (Great Britain).


Diploma Master of Business Administration on additional to the higher education of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).


Yury Levichev

Yury Levichev

Director People & Organization, Advisory at PwC

Vincent Breucq

Vincent Breucq

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Project manager

 Eric Hilger

Eric Hilger

Engineering Director at LORUS
Kingston MBA