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Kingston IHRM Masters

The Kingston MSc International HRM is designed to provide students with core knowledge and practical skills on a range of HR topics with a curriculum that also explores contempary and global issues. It gives an understanding of the HR profession in today world, and is relevant to the strategic objectives of an organisation and the wider environment in which HR operates.

The program is aimed at experienced HR professionals, HR Business Partners and HR Directors, operating at a strategic level in organisations, who are looking to develop their own knowledge further with new insights into the strategies and techniques used to solve HRM issues in today’s world.

Features of the programme

The collaboration with Kingston University has been running for over 20 years and is one of the longest-running partnerships between UK and one of the top Russian universities.

There are over 1100 alumni who have graduated from the Kingston University-RANEPA joint programmes and over 100 graduates from the MSc IHRM programme.

We take a Theory into Practice approach with both academics and practitioners co-teaching modules, providing a good balance between academic and industry perspectives.

We offer a supportive study environment and expert academic and course team to help students achieve their academic and professional goals.

Programme Content & Structure

There are 6 core modules covering a variety of HR topics. These are each delivered regularly throughout the course period and in 5-day blocks (Friday to Tuesday). The curriculum is delivered through a range of different approaches including lectures, case studies, simulations, discussions and workshops.

When not attending sessions, you will be expected to continue learning independently through self-study. Your independent learning is supported by a range of excellent facilities including online resources, the library and CANVAS, the online virtual learning platform.

The world is moving faster, and the program changes accordingly. You will receive all the necessary knowledge and skills spending less time on studying.
First year of studies – five core modules and all the assignments.
Second year of studies – International week in London, sixth module and you will only focus on writing your MRR (Management research report) supported by your tutor.
The world is changing, and the program is changing in line with new CIPD HR Profession Map.
You will discuss HR hot topics and challenges of tomorrow:

  • Analytics and creating value
  • Digital working
  • Business acumen
  • Change
  • HR Technology
These and other contemporary HR Topics that matter most today will be taught during the modules.

Leading, Managing and Developing People in Context

You will evaluate human resource management in the context of national political, economic, social and technological environments. This module focuses on strategy, change management and the contribution the HR function makes to organisational performance. You will develop the confidence to be responsible for leading, managing and developing people within organisations at operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Resourcing, Talent and Reward Management

You will critically evaluate and implement policies and practices to attract, reward and retain a competent workforce. You will investigate how HR professionals attract people with the skills, attitudes and experiences an organisation needs to achieve its strategic objectives. You will discover reward methods that enhance a highly effective employee's fit in the organisation and help you to retain their talent. By the time you have finished studying this module, you will understand employee resourcing, talent and reward management from academic, strategic and practical perspectives.

Engagement of Employees and Organisational Learning

This module develops your understanding of the concepts of employee engagement, and of organisational learning, in the context of designing and managing work and jobs to enhance organisational performance and productivity. You will learn to critique concepts related to engagement and identify strategies for enhancing engagement with work; and critically evaluate proposals for engaging employees and enhancing organisational learning, and to propose theoretically and empirically supported plans.

HR Trends Days by RANEPA


Sessions Meet


HR Trends

  • Performance Ratings Abandoned. What’s next? Victoria Trifonova, Microsoft
  • Performance Management Trends by Ernst and Young
  • Agile, Natalya Karpushina, HRD BP, FCIPD
  • «Generations Y и Z» Андрей Алясов ,Генеральный Директор компании Changellenge
  • “C&B Trends», Natalya Yakovleva, Sn. Consultant, Hay/Korn Ferry.
  • «Employee engagement reimagined, case Сoca-Cola HBC Russia».

Meet Expert

  • Elena Vitchak, executive coach, former HRD , «Role of HR in transormation»
  • Tatiana Kozhevnikova. Independent Director. Expert, Organizational development. Transformation of people, companies and culture. Ex HRD FIFA. «Employee Experience».
  • Senior VP, Prganisational Development, Raiffeisenbank Karina Pigoreva «Performance management &feedback »
  • Olga Filatova, People, HR Tech & Organization Consultant Role of HR in company transformation
  • Lamara Petrosyan, Global Head of Reward, Senior HR Business Partner, Vice President, Renaissance Capital, “Key people retention. Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) or Deferral System”
  • Tatyana Antonova, Deputy Director, KPMG. «Succession planning trends»

Live case

  • Olga Finochenko, Senior HRBP PepsiCo.
  • Vera Mashkova, FCIPD, HRD Russia & CIS, Georgy Zakhmilov, Talent Manager Russia & CIS, ABB RU. ABB. Leadership Development Case

More Than HR

  • Arts workshop
  • Music Lunch
  • Literature Workshop
  • Theatre workshop


  • Outsourcing
  • Storytelling
  • Change management.
  • Business Agility Workshop
  • Design sprint
  • Labor Law

Meet Ups

  • • New reality and HR Leadership

Experiential Learning



Delta Values

Celemi Apples and Oranges.

Change Management for HRs.

Learning expedition

Business visits

Company 3М «HR BP Model

Company MARS: Leadership formula

Company Japan Tobacco International

Investigating a Business Issue

You will complete a management research project (dissertation) that involves researching an HR issue and producing a management report containing the implications for theory and recommendations for practice. You will learn a variety of research methods, identify and investigate a business problem, apply the findings to create solutions and present the conclusions in the form of a management report.

Strategic Leadership Development and Performance Management

This module provides you with a theoretical grounding in the fields of strategic leadership and performance management. You will develop critical perspectives on how performance at organisational, group and individual levels can be enhanced and inspired by strategic leadership and direction; and an understanding of the role of performance management in supporting the strategic objectives of the organisation in different business environments. These theoretical foundations will be illustrated with examples and integrated with practical exercises in order to help you develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities to assume a substantive strategic leadership role within an organisation in both a domestic and international context.

International HRM

This module examines the global and national contextual factors that impact on international human resource management and the approaches to managing global workforce. Students will identify the human resource challenges that face multinational enterprises, such as how national and regional differences impact on their human resource management strategies and practices. The module also focuses on international management development, transnational labour regulation and business practice, the complexities of international HRM and employment relations key trends and debates.

HR Development Lab by RANEPA

Personal and Professional Development Lab. Soft skills, career and personal brand development. A combination of 4 sessions during the first year of studies, sessions during the International week, and 2 sessions during the second year of studies. Plus individual coaching sessions, mentoring sessions.


Coaching sessions

1st year of studies


# 1
Intro to career planning Strengths

Session 1


# 2
Energy and Resources. Resilience


# 3
Influencing others. Stakeholder Management Managing Up.


Communication Giving and receiving feedback Assertiveness

Session 2

2nd Year of studies

July London

International career

October 21

Teaming Working in teams

May 21

# 6
Personal Brand and Career management. Continuous professional development

Session 3

International Week in Kingston University London

We also offer all students the opportunity to visit Kingston University for a week of UK focused insights and visits during the programme. During this week, a variety of events, visits and sessions are planned which may include:

  • Visits to organisations and their HR teams at their head offices. Previous organisations visited include Unilever, Capgemini and Deloitte.
  • Masterclasses and panel events from experienced HR professionals on a range of contemporary issues including Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion, and Technology.
  • Round tables with senior HR professionals and directors, with discussions on the hot HR issues and leading in today’s world.
  • Meetings with MRR supervisors to discuss the business report element of the programme.
  • Social events and receptions offering networking opportunities with alumni, guest speakers, practitioners and academics.
  • Career advice and professional development sessions.

Study Format

  • 6 teaching blocks in Moscow.
  • Study modules ever 6 to 8 weeks, including Saturday, Sunday and 3 work days. (5 days total)
  • International week in London.
  • Assignments, business simulation, final project.
  • Real business cases, presentations, working in groups and individual tasks.
  • LMS: digital resources and Kingston University library.

Entery Requirements

  • A good honours degree from a university or an equivalent qualification from a recognised higher education provider.
  • At least two years' managerial experience in middle/senior HR and/or line management, including participation in appropriate training events.
  • Good command of spoken and written English at: IELTS overall score of 6.5 with no element below 6.0, TOEFL score of 90 with no element below 20/30. If no formal evidence of English competence, candidates will take an English test at RANEPA and will be interviewed in English.
  • In addition to satisfying the entry requirements, candidates must be able to demonstrate their motivation and ability to work at postgraduate level. Students need to be well-prepared, self-disciplined and able to manage their time and workload effectively.

Key details

Admission period: Intake 2022 is currently suspended

Duration: 2 years (18 months)

Location: Moscow / London

Language: English


  • Russian Professional Diploma from Presidential Academy RANEPA


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