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English-taught master’s programme "International Business"

International Business
Pitch session of the prestigious English- language master's degree School of International Business Education ISS (Kingston / RANEPA) More detailed...

The Master Program in International Business is an English-language international program, mainly featured to study political, cultural, administrative disciplines and various social processes in a global context.


The program is designed for students who want to develop their careers in international companies. It forms professional managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in a market economy. Graduates of the program are distinguished by their entrepreneurial spirit, competitive ability, analytical approach to doing business, they are ready to implement their professional skills both in the national and international markets.


Project-oriented training is aimed at developing key competencies for modern managers in international business environment. Personal development is the key advantage in educational practice, as well as traditional business courses, key elements of political and economic aspects that the program is mainly focused on. The whole program structure and the content of individual disciplines are developed in cooperation with foreign partners. It is important to understand the economic and cultural differences of the countries in the global market. So the graduates are preparing for these leadership management activities and for understanding the characteristics of other business cultures, that allows them to work successfully in any multi-ethnic and multicultural environment.




  • Strategic management & Strategic analysis
  • Management, Strategy & International Business Development
  • Financial management and Corporate Finance
  • International Business Environment
  • Managerial Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Organization Theory and Organizational Behavior
  • International Marketing
  • Human Resource management in global context
  • Value based management
  • Modern Communications in management
  • Supply chain management


  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Multinational Oil and Gas Project Management
  • Consumer behavior in Emerging Markets
  • Strategy for entering international markets
  • Socio economic activity in Emerging Markets
  • International Project Finance



  • Research methods in management Big Data
  • Strategic Business Communication
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Corporate Finance and Restructuring
  • Project management
  • Strategy of Entering New Markets
  • Global Leadership in the Age of Change
  • Management Graphics


  • International Business Law
  • Innovations Management
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Problems of global world: an overview of the international business environment


Scientific Research Work: Actual Problem of Modern Russia
Scientific Research Work: Strategic Marketing
Scientific Research Work: Consulting

DISSERTATION * 4 semester is completely devoted for writing and preparing the final THESIS work


MSc in International Business is a two-year practice-oriented international program. It allows geting all the necessary knowledge in modern business environment. Besides fundamental expertise in finance, marketing, strategic management, theory of international communications, students obtain other skills in strategic thinking, marketing research, decision making, and participation in projects.
Using English as the program's working language allows the students to take full advantage of our international team of professors and lecturers from the world's top universities, consultancies, and multinational companies.

The opportunity to participate in actual & relevant business projects

Discussions on today's most pressing business problems

The unique features of management in international environment

Modern management methods & processes

Interactive sessions

Business simulations




  • Full-time education
  • Training modules:
    • weekdays from 19:00 - 22:00
    • weekend from 10:40 - 17:10
  • Assignments, business simulations, final project
  • Real business cases, presentations, group and individual work


  • Higher education: Diploma of higher professional education (specialist, bachelor)
  • Knowledge of English: Upper intermediate level (6.5 IELTS or 80 TOEFL)
  • Motivation: motivation letter (1000-1200 words) in English
  • Updated resume (CV in any form)
  • Entrance tests



August September Reserve day
02 Consultation, 12:00 08 Consultation, 12:00
03 Exam, Management, 12:00 09 Exam, Management, 12:00 13 Exam Management + English test, 12:00
04 Exam, English test 10 Exam, English test
05 View works, 12:00 13 View works, 12:00 14 View works, 12:00


Tuition costs 900,000.00 ₽ (12 000 USD) for 2 years. Payment is divided into 4 semesters.

The most qualified students will be awarded scholarships covering from 30% to 50% of tuition costs.
Sponsorship grants may be awarded to both Russian and Foreign students.

**The cost of individual program units and semesters is determined as a proportion of the entire program's cost. Scholarships are not given for individual program units, semesters, or courses.


Application Acceptance date: From 17 May – 08 September 2021

Admission to the program is based on the following elements:
  • An application form to RANEPA's Rector
  • Passport as proof of identity and citizenship (original or scanned copy)
  • Scanned copy of SNILS
  • Scanned copy of University diploma (applicants must have a state-approved degree or higher education, such as a bachelors or master's degree)
  • A university transcript
  • CV (resume) any form
  • Six 3x4 photographs (digital and printed format)
  • A purpose statement of 1000-1200 words in English*

*This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself: What is motivating you to study at our Academy. Describe the reasons for your interest in our courses, which emphasis you want to choose, and why. Write about your ambitions, hopes, life experiences, and inspirations. We encourage you to take your time on this assignment, as it should be logical and narrative. Be open and reflective. Be confident and express yourself openly and honestly.

  • The language test that measures your competence in English. Students must score a high intermediate to be considered for the program. *TOEFL (IBT) scores not lower than 80, IELTS not lower than 6
  • An interview and test with a member of Admissions Committee.


Required documents

  • An application form to RANEPA's rector
  • Passport as proof of identity and citizenship (original or scanned copy)
  • A university diploma (applicants must have a state-approved degree or higher education, such as a bachelors or master's degree)
  • A university transcript
  • A purpose statement of 1000-1200 words in English
  • CV (resume) in any form
  • Medical examination test (original report + translated to Russian)
  • HIV/AIDS test (original report + translated to Russian)
  • High-intermediate English proficiency is necessary. *TOEFL (IBT) scores not lower than 80, IELTS not lower than 6.
  • Six 3x4 photographs (digital and printed format)
  • An interview and test with a member of Admissions Committee.

Attention! In case of successful passing of the examination and enrolling RANEPA, foreigners should submit relevant documents according to the migration legislation of the Russian Federation. To obtain more detailed information, it is necessary to contact the faculty coordinator on work with foreign students.

The International English-Language Master's Program accepts

- Citizens of the Russian Federation
- Citizens of former Soviet republics
- Foreign Students who have successfully earned either a bachelors or master's degree

Program description

Educational standard: 38.04.02 Management

Period of admission: May 17 - September 08, 2021

Duration of study: 2 years

Beginning of training: mid-September

Fee: 450,000 rubles (6 000 USD) per year. The payment is divided into 4 semesters.

Training is supported by grants from 30% to 50%

Where: : Moscow city

Language: English

Degrees: Master's degree diploma of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration


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