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English-taught master’s programme "International project management"

International project management
Pitch session of the prestigious English- language master's degree School of International Business Education ISS (Kingston / RANEPA) More detailed...

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward”
Joy Gumz

Project Management is one of the fastest-growing and most popular areas of business education. It is especially relevant during financial crises and times of limited economic resources. Project Management's answer to these challenges is the creation of new ideas and the application of innovative technologies in today's highly competitive economy.

The aim of this course is to provide managers with skills and expertise to formulate and execute the best possible response to project, communication and risk management. Project Management is highly relevant today with the rising challenge of effective management of projects in the communities, public projects as well as private projects. It is designed to evolve critical thinking and practice in international and industry specific Project Management.


  • for those who want to gain or expand their existing knowledge of project management;
  • for those who want to master a new field of activity for themselves;
  • for those who want to move up the career ladder by mastering effective management skills.


MSc in Project Management is meant to prepare highly-qualified specialists in one of management's most in-demand areas today, as well as to help develop strategic-thinking skills and the ability to accept and implement strategic decisions in varied contexts. The program will also teach students effective management skills for both Russian and international projects. The managers will acquire a balanced blend of quantitative and qualitative tools through theoretical and applied instructional methods. They will learn to initiate, manage and drive change through the usage of financial and business competence. This approach to project management has proven to be practical and effective in the world's leading companies.


1 Year:

Semester 1 (September - December)
Core subjects:
  • International Business -Environment
  • Corporate Finance (Finance for Multinational Companies)
  • Managerial Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Principles of Project Management PMI® PMBOK® and Agile Statistics and Business forecasting for Project Managers
  • International Business Development
  • International Marketing for Project management
  • Personal and professional
  • Development Information management (SPSS training)
Master Class
Project management terminologies interdisciplinary
Group project
Russia competitiveness in the global context small projects and presentations (pm courses)
Additional courses
  • Team Building
  • Presentation Skills
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Project Simulation Games
Semester 2 (January - July)
Core subjects:
  • Change Management in companies - Projects
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Human Resource Management in Global Context
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Value Based Management
  • Theory of organization and organizational behavior MS Project
  • Project Management - Prince 2
Master Class
Success and failure in project management
Group project
Strategic marketing small projects and presentations (pm courses)

2 Year:

Semester 3 (September - December)
Core subjects:
  • Thesis Methodology
  • Global Leadership in the Age of Change
  • Strategic Project management
  • Project Portfolio and program Management
  • International Business Communication for project Managers
  • Strategy of Entering New Markets
  • Project management- Industry Best Practices
  • Management Graphics
Group project
Consultancy project small projects and presentations (pm courses)
Elective courses
Electives offered - 3 to be chosen
  • Project management: Culture and Change
  • Global Problem (Overview of International Business)
  • Risk in Project management
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Project Financing
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in Project Management
Semester 4
Preparation for dissertation


  • RANEPA Master’s Degree;
  • AMBA Certificate;
  • International Certification PRINCE2®;
  • A broad understanding of project management including its current tools and techniques;
  • An understanding of implementing change through projects;
  • The program has a strong business focus and aims to provide knowledge in other areas of business too (strategy, HRM, organizational change, marketing, planning & control, leadership etc.).
  • Through simulated case studies, the students learn how to successfully plan, manage and deliver projects. They will also learn how to implement project management processes, develop leadership skills and respond to real-world scenarios.


  • Full-time education
  • Training modules:
    • weekdays from 19:00 - 22:00
    • weekend from 10:40 - 17:10
  • Assignments, business simulations, final project
  • Real business cases, presentations, group and individual work


  • Higher education: Diploma of higher professional education (specialist, bachelor)
  • Knowledge of English: Upper intermediate level (6.5 IELTS or 80 TOEFL)
  • Motivation: motivation letter (1000-1200 words) in English
  • Updated resume (CV in any form)
  • Entrance tests



August September Reserve day
02 Consultation, 12:00 08 Consultation, 12:00
03 Exam, Management, 12:00 09 Exam, Management, 12:00 13 Exam Management + English test, 12:00
04 Exam, English test 10 Exam, English test
05 View works, 12:00 13 View works, 12:00 14 View works, 12:00


Tuition costs 900,000.00 ₽ (12 000 USD) for 2 years. Payment is divided into 4 semesters.

The most qualified students will be awarded scholarships covering from 30% to 50% of tuition costs.
Sponsorship grants may be awarded to both Russian and Foreign students.

**The cost of individual program units and semesters is determined as a proportion of the entire program's cost. Scholarships are not given for individual program units, semesters, or courses.


Application Acceptance date: From 17 May – 08 September 2021

Admission to the program is based on the following elements:
  • An application form to RANEPA's Rector
  • Passport as proof of identity and citizenship (original or scanned copy)
  • Scanned copy of SNILS
  • Scanned copy of University diploma (applicants must have a state-approved degree or higher education, such as a bachelors or master's degree)
  • A university transcript
  • CV (resume) any form
  • Six 3x4 photographs (digital and printed format)
  • A purpose statement of 1000-1200 words in English*

*This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself: What is motivating you to study at our Academy. Describe the reasons for your interest in our courses, which emphasis you want to choose, and why. Write about your ambitions, hopes, life experiences, and inspirations. We encourage you to take your time on this assignment, as it should be logical and narrative. Be open and reflective. Be confident and express yourself openly and honestly.

  • The language test that measures your competence in English. Students must score a high intermediate to be considered for the program. *TOEFL (IBT) scores not lower than 80, IELTS not lower than 6
  • An interview and test with a member of Admissions Committee.


Applications will be accepted from 17 May - 19 August 2021
Admission notification will be no later than 3 weeks after the documents are received.


Required documents

  • An application form to RANEPA's rector
  • Passport as proof of identity and citizenship (original or scanned copy)
  • A university diploma (applicants must have a state-approved degree or higher education, such as a bachelors or master's degree)
  • A university transcript
  • A purpose statement of 1000-1200 words in English
  • CV (resume) in any form
  • Medical examination test (original report + translated to Russian)
  • HIV/AIDS test (original report + translated to Russian)
  • High-intermediate English proficiency is necessary. *TOEFL (IBT) scores not lower than 80, IELTS not lower than 6.
  • Six 3x4 photographs (digital and printed format)
  • An interview and test with a member of Admissions Committee.

Attention! In case of successful passing of the examination and enrolling RANEPA, foreigners should submit relevant documents according to the migration legislation of the Russian Federation. To obtain more detailed information, it is necessary to contact the faculty coordinator on work with foreign students.

The International English-Language Master's Program accepts

- Citizens of the Russian Federation
- Citizens of former Soviet republics
- Foreign Students who have successfully earned either a bachelors or master's degree

“A Master's Degree in International project management is ideal for managers who want to "juggle three balls – TIME, COST and QUALITY". It is good for people who want to obtain or expand existing knowledge of project management, motivate people and achieve cost-effective results. If you are full of energy and enthusiasm then Project Management is the right course for you. We develop your career….” Dr. Mitali Mittra

Program description

Educational standard: 38.04.02 Management

Period of admission: May 17 - September 08, 2021

Duration of study: 2 years

Beginning of training: mid-September

Fee: 450,000 rubles (6 000 USD) per year. The payment is divided into 4 semesters

Training is supported by grants from 30% to 50%

Where: Moscow city

Language: English


  • Master's degree diploma of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
  • AMBA Certificate
  • International Certification PRINCE2®

Association of MBAs

The Association of MBAs, AMBA, is the international impartial authority on MBA education and was established in 1967. The organisation serves a community of MBA students and graduate alumni, business schools for accreditation, corporate partners and MBA seekers.

AMBA certificate MSc (MBM)


Marina Perez Marroquin

Marina Perez Marroquin

Magistracy PM

Emilija Gligurvoska

Emilija Gligurvoska

Magistracy PM

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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