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Graduation Ceremony for participants of the Kingston/RANEPA

Graduation Ceremony for participants of the Kingston/RANEPA

On October 4, the British Ambassador hosted the annual Graduation Ceremony for participants of the Kingston/RANEPA International MBA, EMBA and IHRM programs at his Residence in Moscow.

This year, more than 70 graduates completed the programs, breaking Kingston University’s absolute record in the number of certificates with honors – more than 40%. Another record is the number of thesis projects that were excellently defended – over 50%. Anton Korolyov earned a record score – 95 points out of 100 – for a highly relevant graduation project, “The impact of Existing Business Models on the Development of the Data Center Operation Market in Russia and the CIS.”

The graduates were awarded their diplomas by the Rector of the Presidential Academy, Professor Vladimir Mau; Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University, Professor Jill Schofield; Dean of the Faculty of International MBA Programs RANEPA, Margarita Perepelitsa; Head of Kingston Business School, Ian Roberts.

The ceremony took place in a magnificent room, which was made fully available to the graduates for the night. In his opening remarks, Ambassador of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Russia Dr. Laurie Bristow said he was very pleased that RANEPA and Kingston University, their students and graduates have been serving a noble cause – the development of relations and cooperation between Russia and the UK. Mr. Ambassador also noted that he never got an MBA degree, although he has always wanted to and has always treated the holders of advanced degrees with great reverence. Unfortunately, his leadership at the time did not see a direct correlation between the study of strategy and his diplomatic career.

The presentation by Rector of the Presidential Academy, Doctor honoris causa of Kingston University, Professor Vladimir Mau, added solemnity and festivity to the atmosphere. He said it was for a reason that this ceremony takes place in a beautiful mansion overlooking the Kremlin, which definitely imposes obligations on the graduates. This starting point will remain forever in their memories as a catalyst for their careers and success in life. For many years, the international programs of Kingston University and the Academy have remained the best in Russia, the rector noted as he conveyed greetings from one of the most prominent graduates of the program – Alexei Komissarov, CEO of Russia – Land of Opportunity autonomous non-profit organization (ANO), also an honorary doctor of Kingston University.

Kristina Tikhonova, President of Microsoft Russia, welcomed the participants and guests of the ceremony as a prominent Kingston/RANEPA EMBA graduate. She recalled the wonderful years spent on the program and emphasized that it was her EMBA training that accelerated her career growth. Immediately after the program ended, she was hired as CEO of Nokia Siemens in Russia, and it was on the program that she made great friends with whom she is still in touch.

The new graduates’ response and commencement speeches generated an unforgettable mood and a storm of emotions as they thanked the Ambassador for generously opening the doors of his house for them, the RANEPA Rector for the excellent conditions for studying in a most beautiful place in Moscow – Prechistenskaya Embankment, and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University for the unique teachers who shared not only the most relevant knowledge, technologies and international professional experience, but also their life and cultural values.

Arina Slynko, EMBA graduate:

“Thanks to the Kingston/RANEPA EMBA program, it became completely clear to me that knowledge itself is itself is not as important if do not act. Action is the only way for self-realization and happiness. The EMBA program is not about how to create a process, but about how to achieve Progress, how to be a leader of change, how to learn to lead and manage trends.
Now I am sure that it is never too late to change your attitudes and approaches to work. And I would like all graduates to take advantage of this powerful new impulse and channel it towards the greater good. Like Mark Zuckerberg said in his famous Harvard speech at Harvard, «Today it is our generation’s turn to do great things.”

Yelena Yugova, IHRM graduate:

“Honestly, it was a very long-waited moment. Every time if there were any thoughts “to give up” on the way, we were encouraging each other to imagine how graduation gown would fit. IHRM course - majority are ladies, it may explain such a motivation.
Seriously, we committed to each other to graduate together as one team, and we supported each other strongly to achieve that goal. With no false modesty, we are fabulous group and now we are true friends, outside of study even – we meet, we travel together, we host each other in different countries.”

Yury Merenkov, MBA graduate:

“I would like to say that success is a the strongest demotivator. When one achieves success, they feel disappointed rather than happy. The most powerful drive gives us not achievement of the result, but approaching the target. That is why once we reach any level of success, we need to have a perspective, a clear vision, hopes and desires to move forward. This MBA program is an effective tool for new endeavors.”