Фотогалерея - Leadership Executive Thursday with CEO 3M

Leadership Executive Thursday with CEO 3M

Thanks a lot to CEO 3 M in Russia Robert Nichols for a presentation, Margarita Perepeliza for inspiration, Vassilina Gutierres, Natalia Smourova & Guzel Aleeva for facilutaion and everyone for participation. It was cool and see you soon.

Anton Sitnikov, Deputy Commercial Director, Stroimashservice, 1 year MBA student, about the event:On 26th November we had a meeting with Managing Director 3M Russia - Robert Nichols. He described transaction and transformation leadership features, traits and skills the leader has to possess and how to achieve synergy. This meeting contained a lot of intercation - participants split into groups to work out the relation between leader's behaviour in the context of national and corporate culture. Then groups' representatives expressed the summarized opinion while Mr Nichols made significant comments."I do not want everyone in the company to like me, but want them to adopt my vision and objectives" - this approximate quote is the most memorable of his sayings. Then the bouyant discussion with snacks and drinks followed. Everything was nicely organized by KIngston team.