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Vincent Breucq

Vincent Breucq

Должность Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Project manager
Текущее место работы LOREAL

1. Какие у Вас впечатления от программы MBA/EMBA? (Набор дисциплин, появление новых идей, networking)

EMBA Kingston/Ranepa exceeds my expectations. The program is challenging; the workload is quite heavy because I need to engage myself to get the maximum benefits of the program. Leadership is the key word of this program, with a large range of themes. We alternatively see the theories and practical aspect of marketing, finance, leadership, till Corporate Social Responsibility. A particular accent is put on leadership, with different views from inspiring teachers. We share experience through various activities with my classmates. This provides the opportunity to present business subjects that are not always related to my competence. I go out of my comfort zone, and am confronted to 25 professionals. When an idea of business creation emerges, various competences are immediately available among my new colleagues. Based on their experience, an advocate, an IT manager or a marketing manager are immediately available to discuss the idea.

2. Удалось ли Вам в процессе обучения уже применить новые знания, полученные на программе?

So far the program gave me the opportunity to acquire frameworks that I already can use in my job. I consider projects or event with a broader point of view, taking into account the impact of decisions on all stakeholders. Besides the lectures, I have read a lot of books about leadership, strategy: the writing of assignments provides me the opportunity to increase my knowledge. I better manage work-life balance as well as work-load requested by university. Personally, I have possibility at work to practice all knowledge about core-values and leadership. Concretely, I work on developing my team and improving presentation skills, and fostering cooperation in my entity.

3. Какой преподаватель запомнился больше всего? Почему?

The panel of teachers is very large thanks to a lot of different profiles, countries or professional experience. Deborah Pinder-Young (Leadership and professional development) gave me a lot of inspiring insights about leadership, how to develop it, and how to develop my self-awareness. This is mandatory to better drive myself and better drive my team. Marwyn Boatswain (Marketing) really takes the class with him, sharing an expressive vision of marketing. He illustrates the theories he explained us with the latest examples of business actuality. The key points of those teachers are experience, knowledge, capacity to demonstrate what is being passionate and inspiring. Deborah and Marwyn communicate their energy and really foster exchanges between us during the class.