Встреча выпускников Kingston - RANEPA CIPD IHRM Masters


Встреча выпускников Kingston - RANEPA CIPD IHRM Masters

В декабре 2016 года прошла первая встреча выпускников программы Kingston/RANEPA CIPD IHRM Masters в Москве. Встреча друзей, коллег, воспоминания "как это было", новости, пожелания сегодняшним студентам с легкой ноткой грусти и конечно, интеллектуальная составляющая, Воркшоп преподавателей программы Ann Brown, FCIPD, Andy Crossey "Six challenges for 2017 and beyond:  What’s on HR’s mind?»

Приветственное слово от Georgy Petrov, Program Director :

Our Kingston HR community has grown from 16 students in 2011 to over 120 alumni and students in 2016.

Now, many of our alumni contribute to making the programme ...

We do really appreciate your support and on behalf of Kingston and RANEPA I would like to say a big Thank You for making our programme more lively, diverse as well as challenging.

The programme itself has continued to evolve.

In 2015, Eduniversal, global ranking and rating agency pecializing in higher education, has ranked the Kingston MSc IHRM among top 30 HR Master’s programmes in Europe and top 10 in the UK.

In 2016 Kingston Business School has also joined an elite group of global institutions awarded prestigious international accreditation by the AACSB. A hallmark of excellence in business education, the accreditation has been earned by just 5 per cent of the world’s business schools.

И итоги опроса alumni представила Наталия Смурова, Директор программы:

1)     The main benefit/s of the programme for me is/are:

  • Professional and personal growth
  • Social relationships (Networking)
  • Personal Brand

2)     More than 70% of alumni have reported their salary increase.

3)     Over 95% have agreed that they have an opportunity to use knowledge and skills acquired on the programme in their day-to-day work.

4)     More than 40% have changed thier employers, and over 70% have reported that their role / job has enlarged while studying or since completing the programme.

Гостей тепло приветствовала Маргарита Перепелица, Декан Факультета международных программ.