Kingston CIPD IHRM Masters модуль Employee Engagement and Organisational Learning


На втором курсе программы прошел модуль Employee Engagement and Organisational Learning, который провели Ann Brown, FCIPD, Head of People at KPMG, Andy Crossey, Independent consultant, ex Senior Vice President, Group Talent Management Director at Capgemini.

Ментальные карты, конкурс плакатов для CEO в лифте, продающий Organisational Learning, различные подходы к вовлеченности с точки зрения теории и практики, управление знаниями в организации и самообучающиеся организации - все это было компактно упаковано в 5 дней модуля.

What students say:
'Teachers are both highly professional and engaging the audience by a lot of relevant practical examples'
'Great sense of humor of both teachers made our days incredible'
'It was the best module'
'Creative and challenging tasks'
'Good balance of academic and practitioner approaches'
'Good examples from various industries'
'Latest vews on engagement from the practical experience'