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Преподаватели IHRM

Natalia Smourova

Natalia Smourova


Natalia combines her professional experience - that embraces Leadership Coaching, Executive Search Consultancy Boutique Partner and International FMCG Companies Logistics and Marketing Director- to train and coach clients to set clear personal and professional objectives and empower their life and career challenges, transitions and career excellence.

Natalia is a business trainer a consultant for corporate universities, develops and delivers corporate training and long-term programs. FORBES Ontology week-end University tutor.


  • MSc Strategic Management
  • MBA
  • Certified business coach
  • Certified Coach Master Leadership and Executive Coach
  • Business trainer
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach and Team Coach

Teaching and learning

  • Personal and personal development
  • Career Development Coaching
  • Personal Brand Development Lab
  • Organizational Human Capital Management
  • Coaching: business coaching, career coaching