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Authentic Leadership as a Personal Evolution

Authentic Leadership as a Personal Evolution

Is there anything else to learn about leadership? Or everything has been said, written and explored? On July 12-13 we have questioned leadership again with a group of senior managers studying on Advanced Management Programme. The group has started on a slightly pessimistic note not expecting anything particularly new from the session.

It was a hard task for Richard Nugent, an executive coach with the global recognition, having experience of working with international corporations, businessmen and athletes including Manchester United football team, to prove the opposite, to let participants find out for themselves that leadership is an evolutionary subject that needs to be explored consistently and revisited from time to time to keep the track on the changes of your personality.

Key insights of participants: “Being honest does not always mean being nice”, “What matters is the alignment of strategy, culture and brand, not always from the positive side, if your strategy is aggressive it does not make sense creating a caring organizational culture or a brand”, “in our organizations we often tend to step down one level to help our colleagues and subordinates, however, by doing so, we do not utilise our potential at present position to the maximum.”

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