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How to Manage your Vitality and why is it taught at the EMBA?

How to Manage your Vitality and why is it taught at the EMBA?
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The more experienced the leader and the higher his position in the organization is, the more his success and effectiveness are determined not by professional knowledge, but by leadership qualities, interaction skills, the ability to manage oneself and others - the so-called soft skills.

One of the key skills is the ability to manage your resource, energy state (vitality), to understand what contributes to the loss of energy and what restores strength, to be able to harmonize your inner state.

The course leader, Tatyana Yakovleva, a certified coach with many years of experience as a leader of the largest Russian and international companies, pays great attention to individual work, reflection, awareness – exactly such painstaking work on oneself is the basis for the personal development of a leader.

Roman Dementyev, Head of Resource Trans, 1st year student of the EMBA programme

Роман Дементьев.jpgTo complete the course takes time. The world is changing rapidly, the multitasking regime of each top manager requires a pragmatic and balanced use of forces to manage himself, the team and the business. We run a long distance, and the leader is obliged to maintain "freshness of breath" on this path and to solve all the problems that arise as effectively as possible.

We do many actions out of habit, turning off critical perception. The course allows you to focus on daily behavior and consider the usual actions from a 360 angle and, as a result, to find additional resources to improve the effectiveness.

I, like many others, in the near future will have to work on my "problem area" - energy leaks, and for this to adjust my habits, beliefs and patterns. And then I am sure that we have enough strength and energy for EVERYTHING !!! ".

Pavel Klepinin, General Director of PI “Digits”, 1st year student of the EMBA programme

Павел Клепинин.jpg"Most of today's managers are experiencing a constant increase in the intensity of communications. It is the fast-paced modern world today! The number of simultaneously solved tasks and the level of responsibility multiply increases with career growth. To keep this pace, to move forward, you constantly need to recharge energy.

The course "Resource state of the leader" allows you to sort out potential sources of energy replenishment. Further, it remains only to understand which of these sources help you and how to take them. During the course, I constantly wrote down the thoughts that came up, what to try, what to think about. The topic of the three levels of conflicts and the ways of working with them at each of the levels "went well": make a list of people with whom you often interact and evaluate the energy of which sign they bring you - Done!

And the picture of my life 10 years later turned out to be extremely unexpected! In general, the course is full of self-reflection reasons and practical tools. Just don't be lazy to take the first step and start using them! "

Snezhana Kirpileva, business consultant, 1st year student of the EMBA programme

Снежана Кирпилева.jpg“What can you compare our life with today? Most likely, this is a long distance running at an accelerating pace. To achieve the goal, you must, first of all, correctly distribute your forces. Often people, setting ambitious goals, start to work hard, quickly burn out emotionally and are in a state of chronic fatigue.

The course "Resource state of a leader", first of all, is about how not only to correctly distribute your strength / energy, participating in a long race called "life", but also to skillfully replenish the spent strength. Any lesson with Tatyana Yakovleva flies by unnoticed for us - everyone is so passionate about work. A large number of nuances, techniques, Tatiana's recommendations that you want to comprehend and start applying in your life (of course, only after the recommended reflection). Extraordinarily useful! "