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Digital Transformation is now an essential element of the EMBA program.

Digital Transformation is now an essential element of the EMBA program.

In November 2019, as part of the 7th module of the Russian-language EMBA program (School of International Business Education ISS RANEPA) was held the course of "Digital Transformation", which was included in the compulsory program for the first time. The topic is new and, of course, relevant; the format is also unusual - a mini-conference, more than 10 speakers in 2 days, each of which is an outstanding professional and an unconditional expert in his field.

As it was expected, they talked about Big Data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, smart technologies, integration, and also about quantum technologies, cybersecurity, personnel and legal aspects of digital transformation. Our guests were representatives of Microsoft, Mandarin Solutions, MTC, Alfa-Bank, CROC, Yandex, the Russian Quantum Center, and others.

We thank Mindsmith, the educational partner of Kingston / RANEPA business school, and personally Ruslan Yusufov and Ksenia Kasyanovich for the excellent program that received the maximum marks from the participants.

Nikita Khanenko, Head of the Directorate of BANK URALSIB, 2nd year student of the EMBA in Russian Kingston/RANEPA:

“I can’t say that URALSIB BANK, where I work is far from technology, but I was interested to find out what is on the market that we don’t have and the speakers showed that there is a huge field for activity. Before the course, I heard something about blockchain, big data, digital transformation, but I can say with 100% certainty that this course showed how these technologies can work and how it already works in a number of companies.”

I was very hooked on the information about the blockchain, but the topic of “information security” made the biggest impression (speaker Ruslan Yusufov). Frankly, I did not betray the role of colleagues who are involved in information security in our bank, now I will look at them with great respect. At the same time, I will pay more attention to both personal and corporate security.”