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MBA / EMBA programs Kingston University / RANEPA once again at the top of the MBA.SU Ranking

MBA / EMBA programs Kingston University / RANEPA once again at the top of the MBA.SU Ranking
«MBA in Moscow and Russia» - the information and directory portal of the business education in Russia. It is the independent project of the Russian MBA`s League, which was started in October 2004. It is interested in distribution of objective and correct information of the business education in Russia.

«MBA in Moscow and Russia» is the complier of the annual Narodny Ranking of Russian Business Schools, based on alumny opinioin. Information support the ranking have newspapers «RBC Daily», «Izvestia», «Kommersant», «Kompaniya» magazine, «Profile» magazine, «The Bell».

Narodnyj Ranking Of Business Schools

The annual Graduate Survey MBA.SU is conducted among MBA &EMBA programmes alumni of the Russian Business Schools to determine the long-term impacts of participating in these programmes on career development and personal growth. For this purpose, in 2020 graduates were invited to participate in an online survey on the site "MBA in Moscow and Russia".

1,260 people took part this year from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok. Thirty four business schools, representing about 96% of MBA and EMBA programs of the national market, were shortlisted in the ranking.

The short-list includes business schools, from whose graduates at least 20 correctly completed questionnaires were received. Leading schools are represented by an average of 50 questionnaires.

The Narodnyj Ranking of the Russian Business schools is based on graduates estimations obtained by crowdfunding - with the assistance of business school alumni associations. The business schools did not take part in this process.

The Narodnyj Ranking assesses the satisfaction of graduates with studying in the main business education programs: MBA and Executive MBA. Strategies of business schools, their market behavior, business reputation, activities of their parent universities, and so on are not evaluated.

The rating is based on four indicators:

  • income growth in 2-4 years after graduation
  • career growth
  • business connection
  • personal and professional development.

The grades were given by the graduates themselves-on a ten-point scale. The result for each indicator is an arithmetic mean.

For several years in a row, the School of International Business Education Kington University / RANEPA has been leading the ranking and invariably comes first. Grades of Kingston / RANEPA alumni are among the highest in terms of career growth and personal and professional development. Thanks to our graduates for such high scores! Every year we become better and develop for you!

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