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Saurabh Pandey

Saurabh Pandey

“After working for 5 years as Operational Manager & Project engineer in some of the renowned groups from India such as Tata etc., I have been looking for boost in career with an impactful academia specifically in European region. So my search halted with International Project Management Program in the Russian Presidential Academy, Moscow. This program provided me an amazing opportunity to interact and compete with multinational classmates having significant experience in diverse fields. Apart from it the institute is located at the heart of Moscow a really vibrant, dynamic and alive city which provides innumerable opportunities to learn new facts at every moment also the city is full of museums, restaurants, clubs, concerts and events providing opportunities for entertainment.

The Project Management program is organized in a very structured manner, which is being supervised regularly from Program director and assisted by coordinators ideally and dynamically. The Program consists of number of subjects, which are being taught by globally renowned Professors, industry experts, significantly successful project managers, top-level executives and directors of big firms. Interaction with these intellectuals did not only improve our learning and experience of management but also gave clear sense towards handling tough practical issues by applying managerial tools. These instructors have been putting their best to blend the theory with the practical approaches. I have found some of the amazing courses under this program such as Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, Data Analysis and statistics, Change Management, Strategic Project Management, Financial Management, Consultancy Management, Supply Chain Management and Managerial economics etc. At RANEPA, apart from having ideal and massive giant infrastructure there were some surprising facts such as shifting all programs into online mode without wasting any time immediately after the Pandemic or global crisis began.

I am grateful to be a part of this institute and indeed, it was a wonderful experience to be among my peers, professors and business professionals.”