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John Peters

John Peters

John is an accomplished, result-driven business consultant and coach with an eclectic background. He started his career as an RAF (UK Royal Air Force) fast jet pilot. Many will remember him from the first Gulf War in 1991 and a bruised and battered prisoner of war who was paraded on Iraqi State television. The experience sparked a highly successful international public speaking career that has spanned the last 25 years.

During the remainder of his RAF career, John continued to fly and he finished his service in the MOD, responsible for the programmes on performance, leadership, safety culture and human error in aviation. In 2000, he retired from the RAF to found his own consultancy firm, Monkey Business, with particular areas of interest being uncertainty, organizational learning, trust and failure, he is currently writing a book on leadership.

John is a former Director of Performance for the Executive MBA at Aston Business School; a fellow of Kingston Business School and Henley Business School and a former Chair of Association of MBAs.