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Professor Sam Potolicchio

Professor Sam Potolicchio

Prof. Potolicchio is the academic director for Georgetown’s Global Visiting Student Program and is a founding faculty member of programs in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Hungary. He advises top political officials, business leaders, and governments in more than 20 countries, including CEO's, members of parliament, and high-ranking appointed officials in the Middle East, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe.

He is currently a lecturer on American Politics at Georgetown’s Global Education Institute where he lectures to high-level government officials and businessmen from China and Japan. He received a bachelor of arts in Psychology from Georgetown, his master's in Theological Studies from Harvard, and a bachelor's, master's and doctorate from Georgetown.

Dr. Potolicchio is also the Senior Lecturer for the Lugar Academy of the University of Indianapolis. He is the founder, president, and academic director of the Preparing Global Leaders’ Summit in Moscow, Russia at the Russian Presidential Academy, Preparing Global Leaders Institute in Macedonia, and Preparing Global Leaders Academy in Amman, Jordan.

Sam Potolicchio teaches Politics and Public Policy and Research Methods for the Semester in Washington Program at Georgetown University and is the Distinguished Professor and Chair in Global Leadership Studies at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia's largest university.